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Mortgage Litigation Analytics Platform

Leveraging Innovation to
Provide Fact-Based Answers.

In the months following one of the most unstable periods in real estate history, 2007- 2010, mortgage litigation exploded. Traditional electronic discovery systems more suited to scanning documents fell short. A need for a new class of data-intensive analytics emerged which could consume large volumes of data and derive important fact-based conclusions.

Response Analytics’ MBS Litigation Analytics is the first purpose-built analytics platform developed to support mortgage loan-level legal discovery for organizations facing MBS litigation.

For Whom?

  • Banks
  • Issuers
  • Trustees
  • Servicers
  • Mortgage and Bond Insurers
  • Any professionals or service providers engaged in the evaluation and analysis of mortgage-related data in support of associated litigation

What problem are we solving?

  • Legal counsel and litigation support professionals must argue or defend complicated mortgage cases which require extensive data analysis without adequate toolsets, while meeting specific timeline and labor cost objectives.
  • To support these goals, information systems must provide an operationally practical and yet comprehensive approach for delivering fact-based answers to mortgage discovery questions, without introducing the common errors associated with “sampling”.
  • MBS Litigation Analytics from Response Analytics!

MBS Litigation Analytics Platform Benefits

Our MBS Litigation Analytics Platform enables you to:

  • Improve the likelihood of success & the corresponding financial outcome,
  • Improve the efficiency of distributed teams & vendors, and
  • Reduce labor costs and time required for analysis.

Specifically by allowing you to:

  • Aggregate all relevant data (including 3rd party) to support comprehensive analysis,
  • Automate laborious data management & due diligence processes,
  • Use system intelligence to identify “outliers” requiring specific analysis,
  • Define and control analytics & reporting, and
  • Distribute analytics and results across enterprise using web application.

What you must know?

  • Technology has Advanced. Technology advanced in the past three years. The introduction of open, enterprise-class and web-based platforms together with specific component innovations now permit broader integration, more client-specific customization and improved usability. All emphasize speed, control, faster access to actionable information, while delivering lower costs – needs that similarly define enterprise analytic platforms required for today’s financial services economy.
  • Simple. Affordable. Yours. These component innovations, when properly assembled and integrated, made possible a breakthrough platform which is uniquely yours, simple to configure and use and affordable to install and maintain.
  • Complement not Replace. MBS Litigation Analytics complements the traditional notion of legal discovery, by understanding the data elements one can expect to encounter, the relationship among data elements, the calculations specific to the mortgage industry, and the operating procedures and standards unique to mortgage banking.
  • Member of your Team. Response Analytics is available to become a “member” of your forensic or investigative team. By virtue of our intimate knowledge of the mortgage industry, we can leverage and complement your staff in a number of ways related to data selection, analysis and management.
  • Response Analytics is the first to introduce a next-generation Enterprise Risk Management platform.