Collateral Management

Our Collateral Management system is used by organizations that provide secured lending (including multiple FHLBanks) to decrease the credit risk of pledged assets and determine borrowing capacity. Used to collect collateral submissions from borrowers, re-underwrite value of loan, perform valuation haircuts and determine borrowing capacity, and perform audits of borrowers.


Navigating Uncharted Territory with Breakthrough Technology.

Collateral management systems for managing financial risk in today’s dynamic environment require more integration, adaptability and control.  Non-integrated toolsets are less effective.  One size fits all is impractical.  The status quo in systems will not adapt.


Response Analytics’ Collateral Management platform is the first and only next-generation platform for managing financial risk across the enterprise in today’s dynamic market.


For Whom?

  • International financial institutions

  • Mid-tier and large financial institutions

  • Community banks

  • Credit unions

  • Thrifts

  • Insurance Companies

  • Any financial services institution involved in originating new lending and/or managing risk for existing investments, of any asset type.


What problem are we solving?

  • With increasing regulatory pressure and market shifts, risk management and line of business executives must optimize decisions for: loan loss reserves, regulatory capital, guiding profitable growth and managing yields. 

  • To support these goals, information systems must provide a single, integrated cross-enterprise and consistent view of financial risk which permits rapid response to regulatory and management requests for:

    • Risk management for new lending

    • Credit and collateral risk management for existing portfolios

    • Integrated cross-enterprise risk reporting and analysis

    • Dynamic Stress Testing and concentration analysis


Enterprise Risk Management Platform Benefits


Our Enterprise Risk Management Platform Enables You to:
  • Optimize financial risks and portfolio yields,

  • Deliver consistently profitable lending decisions,

  • Lower the total cost of system ownership, and

  • Improve business performance!


Specifically by allowing you to:
  • Aggregate all relevant data for a single version of the truth, 

  • See across enterprise, business lines and assets,

  • Define & manage measurable loss mitigation strategies,

  • Dynamically stress test assets, portfolio decisions and conditions, 

  • Provide real-time tracking of risk & portfolio metrics, valuations,

  • Deliver an early warning system for risk policy violations, and

  • Dramatically reduce response time for regulatory requests.


What you must know?

  • Technology has Advanced. Technology advanced in the past three years. The introduction of open, enterprise-class and web-based platforms together with specific component innovations now permit broader integration, more client-specific customization and improved usability. All emphasize speed, control, faster access to actionable information, while delivering lower costs – needs that define enterprise risk management in today’s economy for financial services.

  • Simple. Affordable. Yours. These component innovations, when properly assembled and integrated, made possible a breakthrough platform which is uniquely yours, simple to configure and use and affordable to install and maintain.

  • Complement not Replace. Our Enterprise Risk Management platform is designed to co-exist with and not replace legacy and core banking systems. It is not a replacement for your in-house analytics, but rather a platform to generate more business insight, faster, with less effort. The point is to upgrade and leverage your investments in technology and process with practical innovations that adapt as you change and grow.

  • Response Analytics is the first to introduce a next-generation Enterprise Risk Management platform.


Collateral Management