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Return on Investment.


One client alone reduced data management time by 80% while reducing 100% of manual data processes. Productivity gains like these are available for all of our clients in addition to the benefits of intelligent automation for delivering on-demand, actionable information across the enterprise.


Next Generation. 


We are changing the game for financial services. We are not bound to technologies that are five-to-ten years old (or more) which are difficult to use and expensive to change. We are proven to empower our clients with solutions they control according to their schedule.

Practical Innovation. 


We have a pedigree for identifying innovation gaps and presenting sophisticated-yet-practical solutions. Not only are these solutions easy to configure and use; they're also affordable to install and maintain. Making technology non-technical is a focus of ours in order to simplify training, increase user adoption, and increase speed to value.

Optimize Business Performance.


We are a nimble and innovative software company with a focus on optimizing business performance for financial services. We accomplish this through combining best-in-class technology innovations. For our clients, that can mean:

  • Optimizing financial risk relative to polices, processes & portfolios

  • Optimizing performance for new lending & existing portfolios

  • Optimizing business process efficiency

  • Optimizing IT infrastructure

  • Or all of the above.

About Us

Our Team

Brent Lippman, CEO
Kevin Kaspszak, CTO


Brent Lippman – Chief Executive Officer: Brent is a serial entrepreneur who has created over $1 billion of shareholder value while running four software companies. Most recently, as CEO of Khimetrics, he identified promising scientific intellectual property, provided initial angel investment, raised additional venture capital funding, created a new industry segment (Revenue Management), grew the business profitably, sold the company to SAP, and returned to initial investors an average annual return of 77%. Prior to Khimetrics, Brent was CEO of JDA Software (Nasdaq: JDAS). During Mr. Lippman’s eight year tenure, he grew JDA into a company with $140 million in revenue, 1,100 associates, and operations in 11 countries with clients in over 30 countries. Brent has an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.


Kevin has over 30 years of commercial software development and technology management experience. Kevin’s unique experience is the development of open flexible enterprise solutions that solve complex business issues that scale without practical limits, all without disrupting business processes. Previously, he was Director of New Product Development at JDA Software where he built large teams of technology specialists for development and rollout of complex software applications. He also worked for a major savings and loan during the S & L crisis in late 80’s. An application he authored at that time was used by the RTC to manage commercial and construction loans during S & L takeovers. Kevin brings extensive experience in bringing solid, market-ready software to large corporate customers. Kevin earned his degree in Computer Information Systems from Arizona State University.



Our dedicated investors and board that continue to guide RA through its growth.

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