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Our Collateral Management system is used by organizations that provide secured lending (including multiple FHLBanks) to decrease the credit risk of pledged assets and determine borrowing capacity.

Used by mortgage REITS, private investors, asset managers, correspondent lenders, MBS issuers, bank treasuries and warehouse lenders to manage the collection of loan facts from various internal sources as well as outside vendors.  Using the resulting centralized database, the application supports vendor data services for continual updates, data quality analytics, life cycle performance analytics with risk alerts, and both custom and standard reporting.

Mortgage Asset Manager assists clients with as little as a 100 loans to clients with 1000s of loans.

Used by FHLB members, FRB borrowers and commercial bank borrowers to manage collateral.  Includes eligibility analysis, simplified data imports, and collateral submission that uses intelligence to determine where a loan should be pledged.

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