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Mortgage Asset Management







Buy better, manage better, exit better.

Investors acquiring and/or managing whole loan or securitized mortgage assets (residential, 

commercial) want to respond to bids faster, price more carefully and operate more efficiently. Non-integrated toolsets are less effective and one size fits all is impractical. The status quo in systems will not adapt.


Response Analytics’ Mortgage Asset Management is the first fully integrated and complete life-cycle asset management solution for acquisition, due diligence, surveillance and asset disposition.


Who is this for?

  • Whole loan or MBS Investors

  • Hedge funds

  • Bank trading desks

  • Private Equity

  • REITs

  • Asset management companies

  • Any institution that holds, acquires, and manages mortgage related assets, residential, commercial, whole loans or securitized.


What problem are we solving?

We think the greatest challenge investors face is how to deploy capital quickly and consistently in order to capture and protect investment returns. We break this challenge into buying, managing and exiting assets.


The industry-wide focus on the “buy” phase requires speed and accuracy in pricing, plus error-free and rapid data integration. Once assets are acquired, managing and exiting are dependent on rigorous data management and surveillance and flexible reporting. Response Analytics' Mortgage Asset Manager


Mortgage Asset Management platform benefits:

Our Mortgage Risk Management Platform enables you to:
  • Improve returns on asset pools

  • Increase efficiency for analytical departments

  • Improve servicing compliance and surveillance for whole loans

  • Enhance cross-enterprise operational effectiveness and transparency


Specifically by allowing you to:
  • Accelerate “time to bid” using an industry-first rules-based cash flow engine

  • Integrate & consolidate any and all data & models, end to end

  • Provide a single dynamic and comprehensive view of portfolios, risk

  • Update models and business drivers continuously, automatically

  • Define Custom Analytics for performance monitoring in minutes

  • Automate reporting on portfolio performance across funds, investors

  • Provide consistency and transparency for transactions and analysis


What should you know?

  • Response Analytics is the first to introduce a next-generation Enterprise Risk Management platform.

  • Technology has advanced. The introduction of open, enterprise-class and web-based platforms together with specific component innovations now permit broader integration, more client-specific customization, and improved usability. All emphasize speed, control, and faster access to actionable information while delivering lower costs – needs that similarly define mortgage asset management in today’s economy for financial services.

  • Simple and affordable. These component innovations, when properly assembled and integrated, make possible a breakthrough platform which is uniquely yours, simple to configure and use, and affordable to install and maintain.

  • Complement, not replace. Our Mortgage Asset Management platform is designed to co-exist with legacy and core systems. It is not a replacement for your in-house analytics, but rather a platform to generate more business insight faster and with less effort. The point is to upgrade and leverage your investments in technology and process with practical innovations that adapt as you change and grow.

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