Pledge Management

Our Pledge Management system is used by FHLB members, FRB borrowers and Commercial Bank borrowers to manage collateral that is pledged to their FHLBank, Federal Reserve Bank, and others.

What problem are we solving?

  • How do you know whom you should pledge a mortgage to? The cost of incorrectly pledging can be months before you can correctly pledge.

  • How do you know a pledged mortgage no longer qualifies?

  • Are there mortgages stuck in limbo? Why?

  • Are you reaching your CRA targets?

  • A loan might be ineligible to pledge today but 6 months from now becomes eligible due to borrower performance (or other reasons). Who will remember to submit this loan to your FHLB?

  • What is causing your loans to be ineligible?

  • Are you prepared for a Loan Audit? 




  • Streamline management of the FHLB/FRB pledge process for residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, construction loans, small business loans, student loans, securities, etc

  • Automatically convert your data into required FHLB and FRB standards.

  • Automatic submission of loan level data.

  • Optimize pledging of collateral to maximize borrowing capacity

    • Automate the process of pre-qualifying mortgages for pledge to FHLB or FRB during or after the origination process

    • Why attempt to pledge to FHLB if not qualified – consequence of incorrectly pledging a loan: loss the ability to re-pledge to an alternative funding channel for up to months.

  • CRA targets are easier to reach with Whole Loans rather than MBSs

  • A loan might be ineligible to pledge today but 6 months from now becomes eligible. No need to remember – system will automatically re-evaluate eligibility and submit to your FHLB when it’s eligible.


What you must know?

  • Technology has Advanced. Technology advanced in the past three years. The introduction of open, enterprise-class and web-based platforms together with specific component innovations now permit broader integration, more client-specific customization and improved usability. All emphasize speed, control, faster access to actionable information, while delivering lower costs – needs that similarly define enterprise analytic platforms required for today’s financial services economy.

  • Simple. Affordable. Yours. These component innovations, when properly assembled and integrated, made possible a breakthrough platform which is uniquely yours, simple to configure and use and affordable to install and maintain.

  • Member of your Team. Response Analytics is available to become a “member” of your team. By virtue of our intimate knowledge of the mortgage industry, we can leverage and complement your staff in a number of ways related to data selection, analysis and management.

Pledge Management

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