Pledge Manager

Pledge Manager is used by financial institutions to manage the collateral they pledge  to their FHLBank, the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB BIC), and others.

Maximize Capital

Pledge Manager’s unique process eliminates duplicate pledging of loans with either automated or manual pledging options.  Automatic pledging allows loans to move freely between institutions based on collateral eligibility, maximizing available capital.  Manual pledging allows loans to be manually set by users with recommendations provided by Pledge Manager.​

Pledge Management

Meet Regulatory and Audit Requirements

Automated processing of files eliminates the manual movement of data thereby helping to meet regulatory and audit requirements.  All jobs and any changes are captured for audit.   Collateral eligibility logic, submission criteria, rules, and formulas are consistent and clearly auditable.  Screens allow for review of file details to ensure accuracy.

Understanding Collateral Eligibility

Ineligible collateral issues are categorized allowing for detail review and analysis.  Each month the results of eligibility are captured in detail allowing for monthly and time series analysis.  During the pledge management process, this detailed insight allows you understand issues preventing loans from being pledged or eligible.  

Convert Complex Data Sources

Preparing data from multiple sources is an easy task with Pledge Manager’s ability to transform and convert data of all types to standardized formats.  Complex commercial and business loan feeds are easily imported and prepared for analysis and submission.  Graphical tool for  data conversion, merging of data and augmentation of data (for missing data elements) allow for quick changes when new codes or unexpected data appear.

Automatic Conversion to Pledge Submission Formats

Pledge Manager comes  with maps to import data from your source applications (such as loan servicing and origination systems) for analysis and submission.  Submission processes evaluate the collateral eligibility and prepare the data for each funding destination in the correct format and with the required data content.  Changes to pledge submission content can be made in minutes requiring no programming and are fully audited.

Easy Access to Loan Documents

Scanned loan documents can be uploaded into Pledge Manager  for access from loan screens, document inquiries and more.  Stored in the cloud, documents can easily be accessed at a loan level. With multi-loan exports, a ZIP file of documents can be created for lending review audits.

Pledge Management Benefits


  • Streamline pledge management of the FHLB/FRB process for residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, construction loans, small business loans, student loans, securities, etc.

  • Automatically convert your data into required FHLB and FRB BIC standards.

  • Automatic submission of loan level data.

  • Optimize pledging of collateral to maximize borrowing capacity

    • Automate the process of pre-qualifying mortgages for pledge to FHLB or FRB during or after the loan origination process.

    • Don’t pledge collateral to FHLB if not qualified. Doing so may result losing the ability to re-pledge to an alternative funding channel for months.

  • Automated pledging process evaluate eligibility and submits to FHLB when collateral becomes eligible.

    • As an example, a loan might be ineligible to pledge today but six months from now becomes eligible. No need to remember – system will automatically re-evaluate eligibility and submit when it’s eligible.

  • Pledge Manager can help with your Public Deposits pledging requirements.

  • Community Reinvestment Act targets are easier to reach with Pledge Manager by using whole loans rather than MBSs.