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Pledge Manager

Used by FHLB members, FRB borrowers and commercial bank borrowers to manage collateral that is pledged to their FHLBank, Federal Reserve Bank, and others.  Includes eligibility analysis, simplified data imports, and collateral submission that uses intelligence to determine where a loan should be pledged.

Mortgage Asset Management
Buy better, manage better, exit better.

Response Analytics’ Mortgage Asset Manager is a software application that integrates mortgage loan data and documents from various vendor sources to enable data-rich reporting and analytics.

Collateral Management

Our Collateral Management system is used by organizations that provide secured lending (including multiple FHLBanks) to decrease the credit risk of pledged assets and determine borrowing capacity.


Brent Lippman – Chief Executive Officer: Brent is a serial entrepreneur who has created over $1 billion of shareholder value while running four software companies. As CEO of Khimetrics, he identified promising scientific intellectual property, provided initial angel investment, raised additional venture capital funding, created a new industry segment (Revenue Management), grew the business profitably, sold the company to SAP, and returned to initial investors an average annual return of 77%. Prior to Khimetrics, Brent was CEO of JDA Software (Nasdaq: JDAS). During Mr. Lippman’s eight year tenure, he grew JDA into a company with $140 million in revenue, 1,100 associates, and operations in 11 countries with clients in over 30 countries. Brent has an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.

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